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About Me

A little background...

I believe that people can positively influence their animal’s behavior by creating a connection based on trust that naturally leads to confidence and cooperation. 


My passion is to support humans and their animals to develop a trusting relationship with each other through shared peace of mind. To help people transform their animal’s behavior by deeply connecting on a level that goes beyond words. This isn’t about training. It isn’t about being part of the herd, or the dominant pack leader. It isn’t about force or bribery. It is about creating a deep connection that leads to trusted cooperation with a mutual benefit for both the human and the animal that is often overlooked in our outdated methods of working with animals.


Personally, I dislike really long bios so I am going to start at the end… where I am now, because I think that is the most important. Then I will share how I got here in point form for those that want the history. 

Trust Technique Practitioner, Chemainus, Vancouver Island B.C.
Starting with the now...

2021 was a time for new beginnings. I saw the Trust Technique videos on Facebook and was intrigued. I purchased the introductory course, Messages of Trust and was instantly hooked. I knew it was the missing piece I had been looking for. The piece that brought my two businesses together. Coaching people to find balance and harmony in their lives, and my work as a dog trainer. I dove into the video course and signed up for the 2 year practitioner program. I am now a Level 2 Certified Trust Technique Practitioner for domestic and large animals. I am a mindfulness coach for people with their animals. I help them develop deep connections, communication, confidence and cooperation so they can overcome problems with kindness and compassion and live their best lives together! 


I had actually quit dog training for several years as it did feel like something was missing. Even when people knew that their energy impacted their animals, there was not really a simple effective way of creating change.  Now I have the how. A simple process that when practiced and becomes part of your lifestyle, has huge benefits for both you and your animals. Positive changes in both behaviors and health are seen when you start with the desire to have more peace of mind in your life. Your animals are some of the best life coaches you will ever have!

How did I get here?

1999 - Met a lifelong goal and bought a horse. Studied with various trainers and got my level 2 Parelli natural horsemanship diplomas. Got some amazing training and backcountry riding experiences with my mentor Marion Weisskopff and I cherish those times and memories. Getting my horse Dillon was the beginning of a new life path. He was my first life coach and I will be forever grateful for the lessons which lasted his lifetime and beyond.


2006 - Quit my long term career of retail and restaurant management and took a 12 week full time intensive program to become a certified dog trainer. After I passed I became a trainer working for the people I took the course with and started boarded dogs at home.


2008 - Bought into an existing business and started off leash hikes, along with boarding dogs and continued training. Eventually we parted ways and I continued on with my own business Cheryl’s Canine Crew which is still running. I stopped doing the hikes and focused on running a dog daycare and boarding from my home. Along the way I adopted several dogs who all became a beautiful part of my journey to becoming more. They kept me learning and growing and still looking for better ways of serving people and animals.


2013 - I became a Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner through Dawson Church and EFT Universe. That was a huge learning curve into working with, and shifting emotions and beliefs. There was no going back now! I started coaching women in life and business, as well as using it to help people with their dogs. My personal growth journey continued as I expanded my skills and services, exploring many complementary and alternative modalities.


Between then and now there was a lot of time spent helping dad and caring for  mum, who ended up with severe dementia. It was a time that taught me so much. About acceptance, not trying to fix what I couldn’t control, learning to let go, being mindful, making it a priority to find peace of mind and doing a lot more inner work. It really is about the journey and we are never done. It takes a lot of determination to find harmony and balance, learning to align with what is best for ourselves and to find peace of mind in the midst of our busy lives. And now as a Level 2 Certified Trust Technique practitioner I am doing work that is the most rewarding and fulfilling yet, and I would love to share it with you.

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"Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax"

~ Bryan McGill

Start learning about the Trust Technique now! 

James French TedX Talk


"Cheryl allows us to experience the difference between being present and "in our head" in a simple exercise.  My horse Bud has been a huge part of my life for  26 years and has taught me so much. Learning the Trust Technique, we can go to a whole new level, even after all these years.  "

~ ​Sheila Keddy

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