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Events & Talks

Schedule of up coming sessions  

Host a free talk for your business, group, or clients as a way to add value to what you offer with your services.


Or gather a group of your animals loving friends and family and invite them to your home to discover more about The Trust Technique and how it can benefit you and your animals. In person or online available, depending on your location.

Trust Technique Practitioner, Chemainus, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Upcoming Free Talk: Develop A Trusting Relationship With Your Animals
Saturday May 4th 1-3 pm
Keddy's K9 Camp-Errington B.C.

Space is limited. Please contact for full details.


This talk is full! We have a waitlist if you would like to be added to that.

Here are some comments from the last talk. 
Cathrine Baker:
It’s was a lovely group & I certainly enjoyed myself thank you to Sheila for hosting this event ❤️
Joanne Lavalley:
Made me go back to review the messages of The Trust Technique. Thanks Cheryl Hughes
Ava Marie Super:
THANK YOU Cheryl for a wonderful workshop ~ I enjoyed your enthusiasm and your beautiful compassion for listening to each individual.
Sheila HUGE thank you for giving your time and your home to have this wonderful, meaningful workshop happen.
Big hugs to you both… all Paws Forward 🐾💖🐾


Developing A Trusting Relationship With Your Animals
Connection. Communication. Confidence. Cooperation.

This talk is designed for people who want to help their animals overcome problem behaviors with kindness and compassion, rather than force or bribery. Do you have a horse, dog or cat who is anxious, fearful or over excited? Have you tried typical training but still feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed? 


This Talk Is For You If…


  • You haven’t had much luck with typical training methods or they just don’t feel right

  • You have a rescue animal that came with more issues than you expected

  • You have lots of experience, but your previous methods aren’t working with your current animals

  • You haven’t been able to change how your animal feels 

  • You have a sense that you are on a life journey together that has a deeper meaning than just having a “trained” animal

During This Talk You Will…

Learn about the Trust Technique method so you can…


  • Understand the REAL REASON behind your animal’s behavior

  • Discover the MISSING PIECE of how to change their behavior with kindness and compassion

  • Take the RIGHT STEPS that will help your animals and you find more peace of mind

  • Have CONFIDENCE that you can help your animals feel safe, confident and happy

  • Feel positive that you can CREATE the relationship you envisioned when you brought your animal home

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