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Connection. Communication. Confidence. Cooperation.

Our Services

Transformation Through Trust Private Programs

These coaching sessions and  programs are private because they are about your individual relationship and situations with your animals. They are not training classes. They are about personal development to support and enhance the life journey that you are sharing together through thinking, feeling and doing. You will learn to lower your thinking levels and feel more peace of mind that you share with your animals to develop deep connection and trust. As you move forward, your communication will become more clear. You will feel more confident, and your animals will want to cooperate, so teaching and training happens with ease rather than force or bribery. 

Video Course  Members 
Learn The Trust Technique With A Practitioner

This program is for people that have watched the free introduction Messages Of Trust and are now enrolled as members of the full Trust Technique Video Course. 

This is the Foundation Starter Kit where you will gain more knowledge and understanding by working with a qualified Trust Technique practitioner. You will learn the simple mindful approach
 of Trust Technique so you can shift your energy to a lower thinking place, find peace of mind and share that with your animals.


  • A 1 1/2hour consultation where you will learn all about the process of the Trust Technique. I do a demo with your animal, and then teach you so that you can confidently implement it on your own. In person sessions available up to an hour away from my home in Chemainus - Vancouver Island. (Online sessions available out of area.)

  • A follow up 1 ½ hour progression session to review and take next steps from where you are, working towards overcoming any problems you may be having.


Investment $397 plus GST

For those that prefer to work in person first, or want to work with me more closely and would benefit from extra support, accountability, connection and consistency, see my in depth options below.

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Connection and Trust
Working With Creative Reaction And Realization Learning

Two Week Deep Dive Program

This is the foundation program which sets you up for success. You will learn, practice and implement the simple mindful method of The Trust Technique so you can shift your energy, lower your thinking, and share peace of mind with your animals. Then you will start to work through any problems that you may be facing.


  • A 2 hour consultation where you will learn all about the Trust Technique process. I do a demo with your animal, and then teach you so that you can confidently implement it on your own.(In person sessions available up to an hour away from my home in Chemainus - Vancouver Island. Online sessions available out of area.)

  • The video demo with your dog to review and learn from.

  • A positive momentum worksheet to track and share your practice sessions.

  • Daily positive momentum coaching available for 7 days to share about your practice sessions by text, voice message or email so that you get daily support, feedback,  have your questions answered as they come up, and accountability.

  • A follow up 2 hour progression session to review and take next steps from where you are, working towards communication, confidence and cooperation.


Investment $497 plus GST

Once you complete the Level 1 Connection And Trust, then Level 2 Communication, Confidence and Cooperation is recommended for continued progress. However single sessions are also available if you prefer.


Communication, Confidence and Cooperation
Overcoming Issues By Working With Realization Learning And Trusted Cooperation 

Three Week Deep Dive Program

This is the progression program where you start to overcome any behavioral issues. (You must complete Level 1 first.) You will continue to implement this mindful approach in new areas and learn to respond rather than react. You will support your animal to perceive their environment with  a more peaceful state of mind.


  • Three one hour progression sessions. Minimum once a week. The closer together the better.

  • Email review and reminders of each session so you can stay focused and practice between sessions.

  • If I take video clips of you working with your animal I will share them with you

  • Unlimited email/text support between sessions to help you continue to progress


Bonus! Free one hour session for anyone you refer that signs up for Level 1 Connection And Trust

Investment $375 plus GST

Don't need the extra support or bonus? Check out the stand alone single sessions below.

"Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you are, something you do and something you give away."

~ Robert Fulghum

Review and Refresh

(You must complete either the Foundation Starter Kit, Connection and Trust Level 1, or Best Start Puppy Program first.)

New habits take time to implement consistently so that they are effective and part of your lifestyle.

Peace of mind is something that must be nurtured. You don’t find it once and keep it. Consistency and congruence are crucial for transformation. You are not just changing what you are doing, but how you are being. It is natural that progression will move up and down and you may need a refresher once in awhile. 


Note: These single stand alone sessions are 1 hour and do not include the extras that are part of the Level 2 - 3 week program.

Investment $135 plus GST for single sessions 


Best Start Puppy Program

 I will come to your house (up to one hour away from my home in Chemainus) and we will work together to set up the best start for developing a great relationship with your new puppy - up to 6 months old. (This program is for puppies that do not have any major behavior or emotional issues.)

Developing connection, and communication skills will build trust and confidence. This ensures that teaching your dog becomes easier, because they have a desire to work with you and cooperate.

Best Start Puppy Program includes an initial 1 1/2 hour session to teach you about Trust Technique, and two follow up 1 hour sessions.

Investment $375 plus GST

3 Session Packages available after completion - Investment $299 plus GST


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Extra Support

Individual packages for those that need extra support, or more consistent sessions over a longer time may be available.
They will be based on individual situations as we work and progress together towards peaceful solutions and results.

Start learning about the Trust Technique now! 

James French TedX Talk

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"The approach to healing and connecting with my animal has transformed me as well. I felt it was so necessary to have 1:1 experiences with Cheryl to witness, guide and support. We've seen SO much progress."

~ Calista

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