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Messages, Moments and Memories

Recently, I was guided to write a list of positive beliefs I have created over the past few years.

Ones that I am certain about. Ones that have gone from believing to knowing. Knowing because I see evidence of those truths every day.

Beliefs like, “If someone else is doing something that I want to do, then I can do it too.”

Beliefs like, “Divine timing works in my favor and wellbeing surrounds me.”

Beliefs like, “I wouldn’t have a desire and a vision if it wasn’t possible.”

A belief is just a thought  repeated over and over. It feels true and so isn't often questioned.

I can choose my beliefs. I can choose beliefs that feel good. That feels so logical to me. Why would I want to choose beliefs that feel bad?

The list of empowering beliefs was long. I was surprised at how easy the list flowed with ease. And how different my beliefs are now than they were years ago. Delighted by how the conditions in my life have changed to reflect these new beliefs.

I asked, "How did I start to create this positive momentum? What was the one first step that I chose?"

There were many, but the one first step was the determination to focus on feeling good. And perhaps more importantly,  to know feeling "bad" was not wrong. In fact it was good!  Just wonderful guidance to let me know that my thinking was taking me off course. Pointing me in the direction that I wanted to go, but hadn’t allowed yet. I get to choose how long I take to get back on track. It went from weeks, to days, to hours, to moments. Being sensitive is now empowering and not debilitating.

Thinking creates feelings. Feelings create focus. Focus creates conditions.

I have found it to be true that feelings create conditions. Life truly is something to be appreciated and celebrated.

Teach with kindness and compassion.

Cheryl Hughes

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