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Session Stories and Insights

Brandi had been used as a bait dog before she was rescued. You could see the scars on her nose and could only imagine what her past was like.

In order to support her we needed to hold space for her to release past trauma using Trust Technique. We needed to be in a place of compassion so we can be in her feelings, without taking on her feelings. Feeling sorry for her, or angry at the people who abused her are perfectly normal human emotions and understandable, but they wouldn’t help her let go of her past. Implementing Trust Technique helped her know she could feel peaceful now.After several sessions we got Brandi into what is known as a 0 healing state. Animals will fall into a deep sleep and start to twitch as they process and release. It is a natural way for the body to release trauma. We got her to this state several times and about the third time all of the sudden she jumped up out of that deep sleep, stood stock still facing into the kitchen, growling loudly with hackles up. She was not with us in that room at all. It was exactly like someone coming out of a nightmare and not knowing where they are for a moment. We quietly regarded her without interruption. Within a few seconds she shook herself off, looked around with just a moment of confusion, and then you could see it dawn on her that she was home. She was safe. That she was no longer in that place. She walked over and put her head on my knee as if to say thank you. This from a dog that would have bitten me a few sessions previously if I had not regarded her opinion and moved slowly at her pace, while teaching her that she could now find more peace of mind.I will never forget witnessing the clear example of transformation right before my eyes. 

Brandi and her human continue to progress in supporting her to feel safe, loved and peaceful.Teach with kindness and compassion,

Cheryl Hughes

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